We make things as simple as possible but no simpler

simple as

Cloudyfox is all about growth. We believe in hard work and trust our instincts. An aggregation of technical minds with a hunger of doing something great made us who we are today. We are always keen to learn and contribute something to business and society.

Cloudyfox is all about growth. We have a team of 30 plus top-notch engineering talents, working form all over NEPAL.

It all Started with a SMALL Idea.

Cloudyfox with ‘Cloudians’ is a software studio with a headquarter in Kathmandu, Nepal. Less than 10 years in the industry, but still we are having an amazing journey. A brief statement about us would be :

“We are a group of happy people with peaceful mind. Some like ‘Coffee’ while some love ‘beer’. Some are strategist while some are funny. At the end, when we jam up together, we create a team.

We play FIFA as well as Table Tennis everyday in our studio to boost our confidence. Our Studio is the best place where we talk about ideas, discuss the outcomes and refresh our company vision time to time. More importantly, since we reside in different parts of the world we are truly international i.e we respect every culture and we value everyone.

Our main business is about technology. We believe in writing codes. We trust in creativity and always willing to challenge our own instincts. We love “Design Thinking” and all we care about is growth and success for our partners and clients.

20 20

Cloudyfox vision

CF Vision for this year.

Being a visionary company is damn great. Being part of that vision is an opportunity. 2020 for us is pretty clear as we are challenging ourselves to reach the next level in terms of people, company and software development. We will focus primarily on innovation and delivering excellent products. We continue to research on top of Data Science, Machine Learning, AI, Blockchain, etc.


We respect each other from the bottom of the heart. It is not always about work but it is always about accountability and credibility. Our respect is for appreciation and dignity.


We try to be innovative as much as possible. Our incubator has been already been a masterpiece for numerous innovations. Innovation for us is not always about doing new thing, it’s about modification and alteration. We encourage ourselves to be innovative in our personal lives too.


Creativity for us is about problem solving skills. It is all about lateral thinking. Undoubtedly, we love creation and we respect creative people. It’s always a big challenge to be creative. For us creativity comes from ‘originality’ & ‘imagination’.

The Best People

Bringing the best out of everyone is our core values. We care, appreciate and respect our people which brings the best out of them. ‘Happiness’ is what we care most. We are not about doing outstanding but about being finest on what we do. We love our people and help all of us to be “good, better & amazing”.

CF Culture

There’s more to us than just creating beautiful designs.