Case study

A digital HRM product for efficiency & simplicity.

About Project

If technology can not automate manual work, then it becomes useless. With the sole concept of getting rid of manual overloads and same excel windows, an idea was born in our own incubator. The product hits the market and in very less time, gains attraction. It’s all about simplicity and it is “ByzKit”.

Year 2020

RoleConcept, Brand Design & UX / UI Design, Android App, Ios App

TypeAttendance Management System


Technology used

ByzKit is built with state of the art Microservices based, highly scalable architecture. Built on top of AWS Services, ByzKit guarentees to provide high availability, reliability and security to all of our customers. The major technology stack used includes:

  • Lumen based APIs
  • Vue.js SPA
  • Amazon Web Services like AWS Cloudfront, AWS Elastic LoadBalacer, AWS ECS
  • Storage Solutions like AWS S3, AWS RDS
  • React Native (for App)